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As addictive pet owners, We offer our wide experience of more than 10 years to bring you guaranteed healthy and ethically raised pets. Every puppy , kitten, birds & other pets for sale at “PETS LELO” has been carefully screened and hand-picked for optimal health and human practices. Well-being and ethical breeding is assured by selecting strictly home breed pets rather than from commercial breeding facilities (which are significantly cheaper!). We select most of our puppies and some kittens from a vast network of registered breeders. Every “PETS LELO” animal goes through a detailed vet check and home observation regime. We offer market defining health warranties. No minor issue is ignored, no small niggle is hidden from you. . We encourage you to pass by our store before and after you have seen all other physical pet stores in Pakistan and have spoken to the staff and the owner, so you can compare. In the end the options are yours: to take a chance with other pet importers or to take home ethically raised new family member you will be proud to introduce as my pet from¬† “PETS LELO

BOOK ANY SORT OF WILD ANIMALS Cheetahs, White Tigers, Siberian Tigers, Lion Cubs, Tiger Cubs, and Leopard Cubs
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